Saturday, July 31, 2010

Randolph, NY Tornado

My brother, uncle and several cousins have been fishing opening day of trout season in Randolph for quite a few years. We went for the first time this year and it is a beautiful spot to fish at. Unfortunately this area got hit by the tornado last weekend. All of the before pictures were taken this spring and all of the after pictures were taken today. (one week after the tornado)

This tree is by the parking area.

The trail to get to the creek.

Off the trail, heading towards the creek.

Before picture of our fishing area.

Before picture of our fishing area.

Before shot across the creek.

Most of the areas where we fished are covered by fallen trees.

Guess we have a new dam.

Here is a picture of Chris crawling over a huge tree to get a better view.

A picture Chris took from on top of the tree.

A huge tree that was twisted and broken.

Before - This tree always amazed me. I think just because of the size and the age it must be.

After :(

My favorite fishing spot has been covered with downed trees.

The beautiful view from my favorite spot before the tornado.

Chris's fishing spot and view across the creek.

We couldn't believe all of the damage we saw as we walked through there today. The waterway itself is not privately owned so we aren't sure if or when it will be cleaned up. We have been thinking about getting a work crew together (probably all of the fishermen) and clearing the area to make it fish-able before next spring.


Jean said...

How sad that sa placeyou all enjoyed is such a mess. I hope you will be allowed to clean it up. Mom

kim said...

I already talked to stoney, rich, and ryan and we are gonna go ask the guy if we can help clean it up and keep some of the wood hidden for next year... we will let you know when if we can