Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Week!

Wow! It has been a busy week here. We are sorry we haven't kept up with our blog very well this week. We haven't really had a chance to visit either.

Laurie's work had inventory today. Since she does her inventory monthly she helped another department manager this week. That department was the freezer department. Between lifting more than what she is used to and freezing all day, she was beat when she got home this week.

Chris has had a lot of tests this week, so his free time has been spent studying for his exams. All of his studying sure has paid off. He got a 103.5% on his Algebra test, a 100% on his English Composition test and said that he did very well on his Welding test. He will get the score for that one next Tuesday.

We hope to get caught up over the weekend.


Cedar ... said...

Congrats Chris on your great grades! Now, just how did you get OVER 100% on that Algebra? Extra credit questions? I had to laugh as there isn't anything more than 100%! That will be good for you GPA, for sure. Laurie, rest and get warm! Glad you are both doing ok!

Utah Grammie said...

Wow, great job on the exams! ANd poor Laurie, get some well deserved rest :-)

Me said...

Sounds like an exhausting week - I hope you get some rest this weekend.

Beautiful photo.