Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday!

We thought we would show you some pictures we took back in 2007. We went to Cleveland for a day. To see why click HERE.

When looking back on the older post, we noticed that we didn't post a lot of these Orchid pictures.

We went to Rockefeller Park Greenhouse. It was really neat to walk around.

There were lots of men working in the greenhouse planting Easter Lilies and spring flowers.

The lighting seemed perfect for the pictures.

We never realized how much detail there was in an Orchid until we started taking pictures of them.

We hope you enjoyed the Orchids.

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!

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Paula said...

Amazing orchids! thanks for sharing.
Paula in Idaho

playsdolls said...

You have the most beautiful orchids.

Cedar ... said...

What a lovely and cheerful post,.. we need those lovely blooms right now at the end of a long winter!

Carla said...

I am currently in an orchid mood! LOVE THESE!! Thank you for sharing:)

Jean said...

The orchids are really beautiful! Lovely photos! Mom

Darla said...

Orchids are so classy!

Suzanne said...

Beee-u-ti-fullll Orchids!

PEA said...

Such gorgeous orchids and like you, I had never realized before how much detail there is to them! I love visiting places like that:-) xoxo

Dee said...

Oh those were just gorgeous! What a treat to see-thanks!