Thursday, January 08, 2009

What'cha Eatin' ?

On Christmas Eve while everyone was eating their dinner Jerzie wanted something to eat also. So she got some cheese and crackers (one of her favorite things to eat).

Mommy also put a couple of M&M's on her plate.

If you look at her cheese and crackers she also had a little surprise. She did this herself. No one helped her do it.

She made a cheese, cracker and M&M sandwich and ate it.
That's a little girl that Loves her chocolate!!


Cedar ... said...

If only we adults weren't so afraid to step out of the usual and do something so creative! Kudos to Jerzie!

Denise said...

Hmmmmm...cheese and chocolate. There has to be a recipe somewhere.... Love her slippers!

Jean said...

I'd forgotten about this! Too funny! Thanks for the memory! Mom

Crystal said...

She is a cutie!! Love how those little fingers can hold that sandwich.

Your Christmas pictures and baking are wonderful! What special treats to give those you love. I agree - homemade is just so nice.

Have a happy weekend! We have a chinook blowing through and it's above 0 degrees Celsius, after -30 during the last week - only in Alberta!!

Me said...

I'm not to sure about the sandwich. ;)