Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Gifts!

Now that we have given these gifts and have the time to post about them we wanted to show them to you. While Laurie and Mom were at the Hamburg craft show in the fall Laurie saw this print and knew that it was something that Uncle Bob and Aunt Norma would like. The only problem was that it wasn't framed. Chris took care of that problem.

He made a frame out of 70 year old barn board.

Those of you that read Moms blog know how much she loves different kinds of ferns, so while we were on vacation we took quite a few pictures of ferns while out hiking. We were hoping we would get a good one to blow up for a Christmas gift for Mom. We had this one made into a 16"X20" and Chris made the frame to fit in with Moms decor. It was left pretty natural. All he did was whitewash it so the fresh cut marks didn't show.


Cedar ... said...

The fern is wonderful. The frame works perfectly!

The Smiths said...

I can't believe how real the fern looks! Looks like you framed the actual fern :) great job guys!

Darla said...

Those are beautiful!