Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Worth The Price!!

Our Christmas tree is so pretty. We just love it. It is the perfect size for where we put it every year. We did our tree a little different this year. We didn't put a lot of the bought ornaments on it this year.

Most of our tree is homemade ornaments and very special ornaments. Chris and I buy an ornament every year when we are on vacation. They are on our tree every year.

Our tree topper and a lot of the ornaments were made by Laurie's Gram (Super Lou). She made a lot of ornaments with beads. We thought we did a post about them but couldn't find one so we will have to get some pictures taken to show you her work.

This is what we see from our couch. Isn't it pretty?


Cedar ... said...

That's the first tree with all white lights I have really liked! I think maybe it's because there are so many lights, it is perfect!

Me said...

Very, lovely.

Do you prefer the non-theme tree?

Utah Grammie said...

Oh, this is sooo pretty! And, how you took the great photos for us - you can see the nice!It's placed in such a good window- just a peek outside..looks like something from a Norman Rockwell painting :-)

Dawn said...

Beautiful tree, Laurie and Chris!!!

Cedar ... said...

Hi, I've been tagged by Corin and now am tagging you for 7 "weird or random" things about yourself. See my post for today... As i said, not necessarily weird, but definitely random!" Have fun with it!