Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snowy Sunday!

Believe it or not we are having a thaw here in western New York. The thaw is causing damage in a lot of areas around us due to flooding. It got up to 60 degrees here on Saturday. The pictures we are posting are from earlier this month.

These birds seem to be having fun playing in the snow.

They were flying back and forth from the road to the field. We think they were eating the salt and sand on the edge of the road.

They were probably trying to find anything else they could eat too. There was a lot of snow at the time.

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Cedar ... said...

Those birds may be searching for some seeds to eat. Nice shot of them! Snow is melting here,... and dense fog this a.m. here in the Lake Champlain Valley!

Jean said...

Love the bird pictures, especially the bird in flight. When I clicked on the picture I could see how hard it was actually snowing. Mom

Me said...

I love the happy birds - wonderful photos. (my verification word is catiness) - maybe they want the birds. ;)