Saturday, December 13, 2008

Finding A Christmas Tree!

We picked Mom up this afternoon and piled into Chris's truck to find our Christmas tree. We have never had such a hard time finding a tree. The place we usually get our tree didn't sell them this year because of the bad weather.

At our first stop none of us liked any of the trees we saw. They were very sparse. So we piled back into the truck. If you could see Mom trying to get into the truck you would understand what the big deal is about us getting back into the truck.

Our second stop only had trees for Paul Bunyan. The women who was trying to help us said "we don't understand but our 6 and 7 foot trees just flew out of here". So we got back into the truck.

Our third stop was at a nursery and believe it or not they didn't have any real trees just artificial. If you had $1500.00 you could have gotten a artificial tree that looked real. If you wanted a real wreath you could have gotten one or if you wanted your face painted you could have done that also. So back in the truck we went.

Stop number four.
Finally!!! We found a tree we really liked BUT!!! We weren't going to pay $70.00. I don't care how perfect it was. No way!! We kept looking and found this tree.

Yep. We paid $57.00 plus tax for our tree. We have never paid so much for a tree.

It is up in our dining room waiting to be decorated. I'm going to start looking for hearts to put on it for Valentines Day. It may still be in our dining room come February.

How much are real trees in your area?


Lilli said...

Hi Laurie! Steve and I got our tree today too. We don't have a car anymore, so it's a good thing there's a Christmas tree lot only 2 blocks away. They have over 10 different varieties, and you can imagine how different each kind looked. The prices ranged from $35-$90. There was no way we were paying over $40, and we were pleased to find a decent one for $35. It's not as full or as tall as yours (ours is about 6')but it's cute. It has a kind of spindly European look :)

In our area, Ikea has a special deal where you buy a tree (good ones!) for $20 and they give you a $20 gift certificate towards a purchase after March. Good deal, huh? But it's too far away for not having a car.

Have fun decorating!

Me said...

What a saga!!

Unfortunately, we are fake tree people - allergies and all that, so I couldn't say.

Utah Grammie said...

I bet your home smells WONDERFUL! Great shape on the tree -