Saturday, November 22, 2008

Meet Tom... AKA Dad!!

Tom is "Dad" to everyone at Walmart. When ever you are down or sad Dad is always there to listen or to make you laugh. Every day Dad brings in a Ziploc bag of Hershey Kisses and hands them out to all of us. He buys every kind he can find, and if one of us finds a new flavor we buy it for him to hand out. Well a few of us girls decided to make Dad something special.

We made him a Hershey Kiss wreath. We gave it to him on our lunch break on Friday. Chris and I made the wreath on Thursday night. It took a bit of time, but it was so worth the look on Dads face when he opened it.

The directions say to use toothpicks and glue, but we wanted Dad to be able to eat the kisses so we used double sided tape.

Does this look like a happy man or what??

It is very hard to make Dad speechless, but he was Friday. He just kept saying "thank you so much". Today when I went to work I asked him how his wife liked it. He said she loved it and they took pictures of it last night. See it is the little things that put a smile on peoples faces.


J. Smith said...

Cute idea! I can tell he loved it! Mom

Anonymous said...

Excellent post.
See ya at work

Me said...

what a beautiful thing for you to do.

Utah Grammie said...

That was the sweetest (no pun intended) thing you could do- you've made him feel "special" and who doesn't need that from time to time? You can smile because you did this and know that you will hold a special place in his heart!

PEA said...

Look at the smile on his face in that last precious! What a wonderful idea to make that candy wreath for "Dad". This world needs more people like him!! xoxo

Zoey said...

He looks so touched by your generous gift - not just of a wreath, but of the friendship all of you put into it.

The wreath looks great! I didn't realize that two sided tape would hold that much weight.

Cedar ... said...

You are my kind of friend! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Uncle John says, I talked to Tommy yesterday and he told me "the pictures were out in bloggerland or some such thing." according to you. For some reason I hadn't checked on your blog or your moms since about 3 weeks after you came back from your vacation. I don't know why, I usually check at least every 2 weeks. Thanks for sending me the link.