Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Love Them Already!!

In July we received an e~mail from someone we didn't even know. He was cleaning out his mothers home and came across something that he didn't want to just throw away. He decided to do some research on the Internet and our blog popped up. After quite a few more e~mails back and forth this package was delivered to our house.
This man was very generous and trusting. He sent these to us for free. All he wanted from us was to send him back what it had cost him to send them here.

Say hello to our 2 new Attic Babies.

For more information and to see why he contacted us click HERE.

This is Slidin' Sal.....

and here is Scootin' Scooter.

We can't even begin to explain how excited we were when we opened them up and saw that they were red heads. They are 2 of the Attic Babies that we didn't have in our collection and were very happy to receive.

Because we told him in one of the e~mails that we were baseball fans, he also added this little guy to the package.

Thank you so much for thinking of us.

We promise to take good care of them.


Anonymous said...

What a generous gift he passed on to you guys. They are so cute and I'm sure they will have a good home with you.

Aiyana said...

What a great story! I've never heard of Attic Babies before. Now I'll have to keep a lookout for them. They are adorable. I've done things like the gentleman who contacted you, sort of my own version of "pay it forward." I've had a few strangers help tremendously with genealogy projects. What always surprises me though, are the folks who ask for copies of my genealogy records, and don't even offer to pay for postage!

Jean said...

They are adorable but I've never seen an Attic Baby I didn't like! Love the red hair! Mom

Crystal said...

Such cute guys! And what a happy story.

Thanks for coming by to visit at my blog. I've never made salsa but I'm kind of thinking I should give it a try. Any tips? Canning really isn't a huge deal if you just make some time available. I'm looking forward to keeping our food bill a bit lower this way.

I hope you have a happy week!

Me said...

People can be so good and so generous. How cool for you. You guys are generous and kind too and you certainly deserve to have it come back on you.

Lallee said...

That is so special. It just warms my heart!

PS I'm a Firefox user.

Marcia said...

Ihave some Marty Maschino Attic Babies that I would like to sell. One is Yankee Doodle Debbie, she is a large doll. Please contacy for a list.