Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How Exciting!!

We got to see our first hummingbird at our feeder on Sunday. Chris and I were sitting on the deck and he said what is that at the feeder a bee? Um no its a hummingbird. Of course we didn't have the camera outside with us. What were we thinking? So we waited with camera in hand to see if it would come back.
It or another one did finally come back.

They are so fast it is hard to get pictures of them.

We thought this picture was pretty funny.


Ann said...

Great photos! I love hummingbirds too! My mother in law has them at her feeder too. I'll have to take my camera and try and get some photos!

Utah Grammie said...

Oh I love hummingbirds! I saw a photo of a hummingbird nest and couldn't believe how small it was - they are sooooo sweet! Thanks for sharing with us!

Susie said...

It is really hard to get good pictures but I think you captured him very well. Ours stay here year round and I would miss them if they left!

PEA said...

This is too funny...just this morning I was taking pictures of the hummingbird who came to our feeder! They've finally arrived for the season and I just love to see them flit back and forth to the feeder. You got some great shots!!

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Me said...

definitely exciting...