Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Favorite!

We can't wait for the Easter candy to come out so we can get our first bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. They are the best!!

We don't know why you can't get them any other time of the year. It is probably a good thing that you can only get them at Easter or we would be in trouble.
We won't tell you how many bags we have bought this year :)

Do you have a favorite Easter candy?


Me said...

Anything malted

and those Dove truffle thingies...

Susie said...

Those are my daughter's fav too! I love the Dove and Ghirardelli chocolates..
Hope your Easter is wonderful..

A wildlife gardener said...

I love hot cross buns as well as Cadbury choc eggs :)

Ann said...

These are my favorites too! I love them. We start buying them as soon as the market and Walmart start stocking them. Yummy!


I love this candy...I was craving it today! I won't tell you how many bags we went through...yum-o!