Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Inside Of Hope Lodge!

This is the first area you see when you come in. Chris and I loved the wood on the walls in this room.

This is the room that Sharon stayed in. She had three beds, 2 twins and a full. We told her not to bring anyone home with her just because she had the room for them to stay.

This area was across from Sharon's room. Jerzie would have had a good time here.

This is the kitchen area. There are 3 fridges and a freezer for anything you would like to bring with you. There is also a stove so you can cook anything you would like.

There are two of these tables in the room.

This is a living room. The couches are very comfortable!! Chris and I waited for Dad and Sharon in this room the day we were bringing him home.

This is in the same room.

They also have a large dinning room. The pictures came out very dark so we couldn't show them. I believe there are 12 rooms that have beds in them. It is very nice and quiet. Sharon said she would stay there again.

Update on Dad.....

He had blood work on Friday and everything was good. He will have to have blood work three times a week to check his blood count and his platelets. Dad went to Roswell again on Monday and his platelets were low so he had to have a transfusion. He will have to go again on Wednesday. We will keep you updated.


Lilli said...

What a beautiful hallway!

I'm crossing my fingers for your Dad :)