Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What I Bought!

I may have bought Jerzie a couple of things. I don't want to give away what I bought because I think I am going to save them for Valentines Day. This print is from one of the items I bought.

and here is the other print.

I bought this game for Chris. It was marked 19.99 and I got it for 5.99. He can take it to work with him and play it on his lunch break.

I bought a few scrapbook items. Believe it or not I went to Michael's and to A.C. Moore and only bought two sheets of scrapbook paper, and the paper wasn't even for me. It was for Chris. They had Jimmie Johnson scrapbook paper. (Thanks Mom)
I bought these cute snowmen. I have an idea for them. I will have to see if it will work. They were marked 19.99 and I got them for 3.99.
I also bought this purse.

Well really this was the second purse I bought yesterday. I found a purse I liked at Marshals and bought it. Then we went to Value City and I liked this purse much better. So before we came home we went back to Marshals so I could return it. I can't wait for spring so I can use it. We had a fun day.

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Lilli said...

Great purchases! This post-holiday time is so fun to shop in: so many deals to be had :)

Ann said...

What great buys! I would have a hard time going to Michael's or AC Moore and not buying more scrapbook stuff. I love the purse.

Zoey said...

Love the purse, Laurie. It just screams "sunshine"!