Thursday, January 10, 2008

Weird Weather!

It is National De-lurking Week again!
If you lurk here, please post a comment to say “Hi!”

I took these pictures today in our back yard when I got home from work. Can you see the little bit of purple poking out on the left hand side? You may have to enlarge the picture to see it.

These primroses are in the new garden that we built last year for my birdbath that I got for my birthday. I guess they made it!

This is our backyard. We never see grass in January. We live in New York! Spring doesn't come until at least April around here.

I am so hoping this doesn't mean we are going to have a LONGER winter!!! How is your weather?


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PEA said...

LOL well you did say for lurkers to say "hi"...I see Donna did just that! hehe Love it! Oh wow, you don't have any snow at all!! A lot of ours melted but there's also still lots left...we're supposed to get fresh snow starting tonight. This really has been a weird January...first the frigid temps and then so mild. Thank you so much for showing how to make those snowmen...they're absolutely adorable!! xox

Anonymous said...

Hi :)
Can you tell we are sisters :)
I am the nice one...I left you 2 a smile!