Sunday, December 09, 2007

Saturday's Family Outing!

We have been getting our Christmas tree from the same place for years and years. They always have the most beautiful and full trees to choose from. We are not sure how many more years they will be selling trees. We have decided that after they stop selling them that we are probably going to get an artificial one.
The trees range in price from $20.00 up to $35.00.

We had good luck finding the "perfect" tree again this year. (decorated photos coming soon)

Jerzie wasn't quite sure what was going on since it was her first year helping mommy and daddy pick out a tree.

While walking around and looking at trees, all Jerzie had to say was "Oh Boy". She helped find just the right tree for mommy and daddy.

We loaded up 3 trees (1 in the red truck and 2 in the blue one parked in front) and we were ready to head out. Every ones tree is up with lights on it and we are working on decorating them.


Ann said...

We got our tree today! But we had rain and lots of mud. Wish we had the snow you have! I've got the lights on and that's it for tonight! Merry Christmas!

Me said...

What a happy little cherub.