Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vacation - Day Three - Still!

After we left the Wilmington Flumes, we stopped at A&W for a quick lunch and then did some driving around to see some more scenery.

Click on all pictures to enlarge This picture was taken on one of the dead end mountain roads. We thought it showed a lot of the colors of the leaves.

Franklin Falls Pond

Our next stop was Franklin Falls. We don't know if that was just the name of the town or if there was actually a waterfall there. If there was, we didn't find it. We did find Franklin Falls Pond.

Franklin Falls Pond

The shoreline was just bursting with color.

Union Falls
From there we drove to Union Falls. On the way there we had an interesting thing happen. We had driven 5-6 miles down this narrow mountain road when we saw a flagman standing on the edge of the road. (we think he may have been sleeping because he really jumped when he heard our car) He said that the road was closed and that we had to wait to get through. After a little while, he said we could go ahead. He asked if our SUV was 4 wheel drive. (that made me a little nervous) I told him yes and he said to go ahead. When we got to the construction area, the road was still blocked but we were waved ahead. They had a 6' deep hole across the road. We actually had to drive off the road through all the sand and dirt that they had taken out of the hole. There wasn't much room to spare. The workers down in the hole were about a foot away on the drivers side and a nice steep drop off was on the right side. Laurie wasn't too sure about it all, but we made it OK.

Cascade Lake

The next place we stopped was Cascade Lake. We have stopped here every time that we have visited the Adirondacks. It is always so beautiful to see.
Cascade Lake
It was pretty warm out, so I went back to the car and put on my swim trunks. The air was warm, but the mountain water was freezing cold. Whose bright idea was this???

Laurie went in the lake too.

We headed back to Lake Placid after I dried off. This last picture was near the ski jump area on Rt. 73.

That is about it for Day Three. Day Four will be posted soon.


Jean said...

I'm really enjoying your vacation! All of your photos are fabulous! Mom

PEA said...

Every picture is breathtaking...such a beautiful area to be on vacation!! You two were brave to get in that cold water...brrrr! lol xox