Monday, October 22, 2007

Vacation - Day Three - Wilmington Flumes!

We thought that this video might give you some understanding of the power of the flowing water. I think that the only way to really show you would be to take you there. (we better buy a bigger car. LOL)

Remember to click on the pictures to get a better view.

The water flow of the Au Sable River has carved out the rocks for millions of years. We would guess that the side walls extend up 45-50 feet.

This is a little further downstream. This waterfall ends up in a popular swimming hole.

Chris thought that this picture might give a better perspective of how far up we are. It is pretty scary looking over the edge. We read somewhere that people actually cliff dive here. That is really scary.

This is downstream a little further. The river slows down and is only a couple of feet deep here. It is very peaceful.

This is a pond that we hiked to quite a ways upstream from the Flumes. It is a beaver pond. You can see that most of the stumps in the pond have been chewed and cut down by beavers.

Kind of like this one. Look at the teeth marks. (makes my teeth hurt thinking about it)

We walked the trail past the pond for a couple of miles and took some more pictures of the Au Sable River.

We will have more of Day 3 to show you soon.

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T*mmy said...

Ya'll had the most wonderful vacation...I would love to be able to got this beautiful spot in our world!

Have a great day!

Me said...

The cliff diving thing does seem to lack a bit of intelligence, doesn't it?

I thought the post about Chris and why you love him so was very, very sweet.

Crystal said...

Thanks for the vacation pictures and the hikes! It's so beautiful! I love all the red leaves - we don't get many of them here. And your yard looks great! I wish we could put mums out here in the fall but we get frost early in September and they wouldn't last long.

I'd love to see some of your scrapbook pages - hint, hint! Good luck with the page a day plan - I hope it works for you.

PEA said...

Such a beautiful area and I so love all types of water falls like that! Gosh, you sure were high up, I can't believe people actually cliff dive from there!! Never mind a bigger car, get a bus...I'm comin' with you next time! hehe xox

Zoey said...

Those beavers are simply amazing. It's hard to believe that they can chew down a tree that size.

I was so surprised to see "AuSable River". We have an AuSable River not too far from my town in Michigan. Many, many years ago I went canoeing down it.

kris said...

The photos from Day 1 and Day 2 are just beautiful. What a great time you must have had.