Tuesday, October 23, 2007

She Cracks Us Up!

We had Baby J. on Saturday night while Mommy and Daddy went bowling. She has her own personality now and she just cracks us up. I had tears streaming down my face half the night just from listening to her talk. She doesn't understand that we don't have a clue what she is saying.

She is stealing candy from someone smaller then her already!!

I guess she doesn't like that kind of candy.
I asked Baby J. if she could give the ghost a kiss?

She took off running towards him and...

gave him a big old Kiss!!!

We decided that we better take the candy out of the little guys pocket because it is about 10 years old. It was just there for looks. (I guess Chris didn't like that kind of candy either because if he did it wouldn't still be there. LOL) We put one of her blocks in the pocket instead. She took it out a couple times and thought it was fun. I told her we had to pick up and asked her to get the block from the ghost. She walked over to the ghost, put her hand in the pocket, started pulling it out and her had got stuck in the pocket. She started shaking her hand back and forth trying to get it out. She finally had to let go of the block to get her hand out. She came running towards me like the ghost was mean to her and wasn't playing nice at all. The look on her face was priceless. Chris and I laugh every time we think about it.

Really she is OK. Look at the great big smile on her face. Don't you just love the ponytail?

The poor little thing is getting four teeth on the top all at once.

Her new thing this week is saying


We don't know who would have taught her that.


Zoey said...

Yes, I do love that ponytail!

In fact, I worked for over 30 minutes this weekend trying to get my hair to stick up in little spikes like that (I was practicing a new updo). It never did turn out nearly as nice as baby J's! :)

Me said...

The last photo is adorable - full of sunshine.