Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Camping Day Two !

Everyone got to the cabin by noon. We cooked hot dogs on the fire for lunch. We didn't have a very big lunch because we knew that we were having a special dinner. Click HERE to see our special dinner. We will tell you more about that some time soon.

Saturday October 13th is opening day of bow season in our area. This is the first year that Kim got his license, so Chris is helping him get his bow set up for the season. This is what they used as a target.

Kim had to take an 8 hour bow hunters course before he could get his license. Chris had already taken his a few years back.

Chris is trying to help him site in his bow here. They think they got it all worked out for him and are ready to go.

Here are some pictures of Baby J. You can tell in these pictures that the cabin is on a small hill so we all had some problems getting to the cabin. It seemed like if you were carrying something or it was dark out the incline got steeper. We stayed around the cabin most of the day unless we went for a potty run!!

I just love this close up of baby J. She looks like a big girl!!
Even though it was warm out we had a fire every day. This how we made most of our meals. We also had to have smores!!

It brought back a lot of great memories of the camp we went to when we were growing up. We had a great time around the camp fire at night. We also had a few laughing fits. You know the ones that make you cry!!

Here is a picture of baby J. and her mommy. Mommy is trying to get baby J. to go to sleep but there was just too much going on for her to go to sleep. This is the end of our 2nd day.


Me said...

It looks and sounds as if it was a delightful time. I love Miss J's little hiking boots!

PEA said...

Another wonderful day of all the coloured leaves on the ground creating a carpet!! I don't blame Jerzie for not wanting to miss a thing! lol xox

kris said...

This all looks like so much fun! I was at your mom's blog - your dinner looked delicious!!! AND s'mores?? YUMMMM!