Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Camping Day One!

We started our long weekend on Friday. We arrived at Allegany State Park at 4:00 PM.
While I was checking in and getting our cabin key, Laurie was greeted by this little guy.

These are all pictures of the inside of our cabin. It was about 16' x 16' plus a 6' x16' covered front porch. There was a small propane cooking range and a small wood stove for heat. We definitely didn't need the wood stove. It was in the 80's on our first day.

This is the front of the cabin. We had a fire going by 5:00 PM.

An easy dinner was cooking by 6:00. We had a few deer stop by to visit and some unknown visitors later in the night. They just ran around on the roof and under the cabin. They didn't stay too long. There was only one other cabin next to us. There was a nice quiet couple staying there. (thankfully) We just hung out around the fire for the rest of the evening.

Stop back tomorrow to see what happened after the rest of the gang arrived on Saturday morning.


Ann said...

Glad your home safe! We missed you both and your daily posts. It is nice to get away! That is a great looking cabin. Very rustic look. I love you welcoming committee. We did have a nice visit with John. Too short! But that's life! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

PEA said...

Now that's what you call rustic...I love it!! I miss camping out like that, my favourite part was always sitting around the fire:-) xox

farmingfriends said...

The cabin looks great. I love camping out and eating the food around the fire and having a sing song. I look forward to hearing more about the trip. Sara from farmingfriends

Lilli said...

You had temperature in the 80s?!