Thursday, September 13, 2007

How Bad!

I got a phone call from my sister in law last night. (Lori)

Lori.. Are you busy right now?

Me.. No why what's up.

Lori.. Do you mind if we come over so you can look at your nieces hair?

Me.. Why?

Lori.. She cut it today.

Me.. How bad?

Lori.. Bad!!

So as I waited I thought the worst. I thought I was going to have to cut all of her hair off. That wasn't the case. She cut it, but it wasn't that bad. I straightened it out and told Lori that I thought she could just put it up or put it in a barrette and it would be OK.

My brother and I never cut our hair. We would tell mom what we wanted and that is what we got. I couldn't tell you how many times Kim had mom shave the number 33 or the New York Mets in his hair.
Did you or your kids cut their hair when they were little?
Here she is playing detective. Her mom gave her clues and she had to find that item in the room. The clues were red hair, teddy bear and chair. It didn't take her long to spot a doll holding a teddy bear sitting in a chair.

The next one really made her think. The clues were Red, White, Blue and Aunt Laurie.

I was wearing an old navy flag T-shirt. Alexis did get it but it took a little longer than the first one. She made sure she wrote her Uncle Chris a note. I hung it on the bathroom mirror so he would get it before he went to bed. The note said "I Love You Uncle Chris, Alexis"

Our nieces are just getting way too big way too fast!


T*mmy said...

My daughter's best friend has a 4 year old...she had beautiful long blonde curls down to her day she found the scissors...I think you know the rest of the she looks like a little boy :(

PEA said...

What a cutie she is!! I don't recall us kids cutting our hair but I do remember my youngest brother Guy taking my favourite doll and giving her a haircut!!! lol As for my own boys, nope they never did either! I've heard a lot of kids do though. xox

kris said...

She is so cute! I think I cut my hair - once! lol
My kids did a little trimming once or twice too. Seems to be a stage kids go through. (we aren't all so lucky to have a mom who will do it for us!!)

Ann said...

I'm glad everything worked out okay! It could have been much worse. I never cut my own hair when I was little but I did have a friend and her brothers cut all the hair off her Barbie dolls! bad brothers! LOL Take a look at my blog. I've posted a couple photos of a beautiful butterfly in my morning glories that I think you'll like. Not the best shots but very lucky shots seeing as I had to retrieve my camera from our truck first!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

She's a cutie... but I can't even tell where she cut in the first picture! I don't recall ever cutting my hair, but I think that my brother did. He gets the most adorable blond ringlets if he lets his hair grow out--you should see the pictures we have of him as a kid. Once he got old enough to be horrified at all of the people cooing over his curls, though, that was it. I think he purposely cut them himself a few times when Mom dragged her feet a little too long in getting him to the barber! :)

Me said...

This niece must be the one about the age of my daughter. She has beautiful red hair - I hope she likes it, I do. ;) She is cute

- I think the only accidentally drastic haircut we had as children is the time my littlest sister got gum in her hair...Mom cropped it to chin length and Beck's hair was straight after that (she had curls)...until she hit puberty - now she has the most phenomenally beautiful curls - the kind that people who pay big bucks for perms drool over. She knows it too - she is proud of her hair - not one of those people who wish they had straight.

I dread the idea of my daughter's trimming their own hair. Cross-my-fingers, knock-on-wood, say a bullet prayer.

Gardengirl said...

Your niece was very kind with the scissors. My two daughters ages 3 & 4 at the time cut the front of their hair so short you could see skin. My heart sunk when I saw this especially since the rest of their hair was half way down their back. Years later one of them went to the salon and had one side of her head shaved. I guess I should have know she was eventually going to finish the job started years earlier. Have a great weekend.

Lilli said...

I didn't cut my hair when I was little, but once I slept on a piece of Silly Putty and it got stuck so badly that my Dad had to cut my hair...quite close to my head!