Monday, July 16, 2007

7 Things That Rock!

Ann from a mothers minute tagged us to do a 7 things that rock Meme. So here are our 7 things that ROCK!

1. Our Camera ~ We thought long and hard about buying a new camera. We both love to take photographs, so we knew it had to be a good camera. It has been worth the money that we spent on it. We ended up buying a Canon Powershot S2 IS. We have had it for about a year and a half. We are still learning different things about the camera but it ROCKS!!

2. Being a Blogger ~ We love blogging. We have really enjoyed meeting all the people that we have in the last year. Since we take so many photos, (we have around 10,000 in the computer right now) it is fun to share them.

3. Gardening ~ Gardening is very relaxing for us most of the time. We both enjoy all of our flowers.

4. Lake Placid ~ We have been going to Lake Placid since 2002 for vacation. We usually go every other year. We have such a good time. There is so much to do and to see. We are so.... relaxed when we come home. One of our favorite places to eat in Lake Placid is Lisa G's. Lisa G's food ROCKS!! (oops, there's an extra)

5. NASCAR ~ We both enjoy Nascar. We watch the race every weekend. If we aren't going to be home for some reason, we tape the race and try to watch it before we find out who won. Laurie is a Kasey Kahne #9 fan and Chris is a Jimmie Johnson #48 fan. They both ROCK!

6. Rachael Ray ~ We love Rachael. We have many of her cookbooks and we make tons of her recipes on a regular basis. We enjoy her talk show also. She just ROCKS!

7. Weekends ~ Because we only get to spend time with each other on the weekend. We work different shifts and don't see each other during the week. Don't get us wrong, we are both grateful for our jobs. We just wish our shifts were the same.

Weekends really ROCK!

Pea, Susie, & Kris you guys have been tagged! And anyone else reading this - Leave us a comment when you do your post so we can come and visit!


Nancy Maxwell James said...

nice reading about what rocks.
I have been to many areas in NY state - but never Lake Placid (Ithaca area mostly) - anyways the photos looks so peaceful!

Ann said...

It was so fun to read your meme! thanks for doing it! I'm looking for a new camera. I'll have to look at this one you have. And of course NASCAR does Rock! Go Jimmie!

T*mmy said...

You guys rock in the photography department...anyone can own a camera...even a good one...but it takes talent to do what ya'll do!!
Lake Placid looks like "the" place to be!!
Love RR!!

Susie said...

Rock? You mean other than in my chair? Just kidding! I'll work this meme in soon. Thanks for the tag. I love your photos and recipes

melissa said...

now I want to go to Lake Placid ;)
and I must agree-weekends totally rock!
great meme

kris said...

Great list! Thanks for tagging me - I'll let you know when I do it (have to work up to these things!)

kris said...

p.s. - what is the name of that beautiful rose?

Laurie & Chris said...

Kris ~ We aren't sure what the name is. The roses were here when we moved in.

Dirty Fingernails said...

I really haven't tried RR's recipes.. Are they super good?? Would young children like them?