Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Since today is the last day of spring we thought we would make a collage of some of our favorite pictures from this spring.
Please click on the photo to enlarge.
One of the most delightful things about a garden
is the anticipation it provides.
W. E. Johns


PEA said...

Don't scare me like that...when I saw the title of your post my heart missed a beat because I thought you were saying goodbye to us! lol Whew! Love the collage you did...all the flowers are so very beautiful!! xox

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

I think this is my first visit to your blog. What a treat! The whole thing is just delightful. I loved the collage. I didn't realize today is the first day of summer. It's been so hot, I thought it was here for awhile.

kris said...

Great photos - and I like the collage idea - very nice. Happy summer, Laurie & Chris!

Lilli said...

That's a beautiful flowery collage :)