Friday, June 08, 2007

A Bigger Mess!

Now look what our wonderful city workers have done. Our sidewalk is all torn up. They are putting wheelchair accessible curbs in.
We have decided not to put the garden back in where they dug it all up. We have been working all week at digging up all of the remaining plants.

We are going to put in flower beds around the deck. (on our property)

Laurie is still upset about all the hard work that went into building that garden. We spent quite a bit of time digging out the bushes that were there when we moved in and even more time getting a truckload top soil and building the garden. Don't you just love the new "lawn ornament" we have. We had quite a few concrete statues, but this is the biggest one now.

The decision has been made, and we are sticking to it. The city is going to have to level it off and plant grass for us.

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"Early Bird" said...

I hope they do something about it!

kris said...

yikes - that is a bummer. Hope you get a good resolution out of all this.