Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shopping Spree!

It's not Laurie,
It was ME this time!!!
I went to LOWE'S today to get a few things. I had quite a big list, so I invited my Dad and his truck to join me.

I bought 12 cupboards, counter tops, a dishwasher (yes Mom I finally bought her a dishwasher), linoleum, a ceiling light and some lights for under the cabinets.

Both of our trucks were full (we even had stuff in both of our passenger seats).

Now it is all in our living room and dinning room.

I have to finish painting the walls and scraping the floor tomorrow. We will be spending our weekend installing the upper cabinets. Hopefully I can get the flooring down on Monday and start on the base cabinets and the dishwasher.

Wish us luck.


Jean said...

I can't believe you finally got "her" a dishwasher. I know how much you love washing dishes! The cabinets look nice. Great color. Oh yea, good luck! Mom

"Early Bird" said...

At least you got cabinets that were already stained...once when we were doing a renovation we decided to stain ourselves...sigh!

PEA said...

Can I go shopping with you next time??? I need a dishwasher (I've never owned one believe it or not) and I need new cupboards too! hehe Wow, that's quite the I'm sure you're looking at it all and wishing it was all put up! lol Good luck Chris, you're doing beautiful work!! xox

Present Storm said...

WOOHOOO I want to go shopping with you next time too!!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment on my Autumn leaves.

Also I LOVE this Rascal Flatts song :) They are awesome aren't they?

kris said...

hi guys - how exciting!! And how fun to come home with 2 truckloads of stuff - I love it! Your kitchen re-do is going much faster than ours. I saw my mom last weekend and she said she couldn't wait to see our kitchen - ummm - not much to see yet, Mom! Good luck - can't wait to see the cabinets in the kitchen - altho they look lovely in the living & dining rooms! :) (I like your house - we have arched doorways too - wonder if the rest of our houses are the same??)