Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's Done!

Here is what our finished project looks like. It is finally done! The furniture will be going in tomorrow.

We just love our new light fixture. It is so much nicer than the 1970's chandelier that was in there.

The light from it is soooo..... much softer and relaxing.

This is a close-up of what the new textured walls look like.

Click HERE to see what we started with about 4 weeks ago.

Click HERE to see the progress from 2 weeks ago.

The plastic is gone, the floor has been vacuumed and mopped and the ivy rug is back in place. We are almost ready to have a dinner party. (Oh, wait the kitchen is going to be torn apart next week.)

I'm sure we will be posting lots of kitchen pics.


"Early Bird" said...

Great JOB!!!

PEA said...

Oh it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Yup, I have to agree with you, that light fixture is gorgeous and I've no doubt you will enjoy the softer light it gives too! Yikes, now the kitchen? Does Chris get time off for good behaviour? lol Well done you two!! xox

Dawn said...

Love the chandelier...I've been thinking of changing my DR fixture as well..

Zoey said...

Beautiful! And just in time for Easter dinner.

Lilli said...

That really is a gorgeous light fixture!