Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today is Laurie's dads wife's birthday. We went to their house for dinner tonight. We brought her favorite pizza from a local pizzeria. Since she still isn't feeling the greatest from her surgery, we didn't take any pictures of her.
Happy Birthday Sharon!!

We did get a picture of Baby J. with her grandpa. She was doing just fine as long as she could see mommy or daddy. She didn't want them to leave her sight tonight. Those darn teeth still haven't popped through and are still giving her some trouble.

Sharon got these flowers from one of her sons and his family that live in California. We had a nice visit. I'm sure she is back on the couch curled up in her blankets by now.


Lilli said...

Those darned teeth. My nephew gets all whimpery when he has a new tooth coming in :(