Sunday, April 08, 2007


The Easter bunny spent the night at our house last night. Our niece Baby J. stayed with us over night for the first time since she was 7 weeks old.
We went to Chris's dad and mom's house for Easter dinner. There were 13 of us all together. We all had a good time eating and spending time together.
Chris's mom had Easter baskets and candy out everywhere you looked.

This is another one of our 3 nieces (Alexis). She was striking a pose for her Uncle Chris to take a picture. Doesn't she look pretty in her Easter dress?

Our oldest niece Stephanie and her fiancee Nate brought flowers for Chris's mom. They were arranged for the centerpiece by Stephanie. They sure brought spring into the house. It is the only sign of spring we saw in our neck of the woods. (we have gotten over a foot of snow in the past few days)


"Early Bird" said...

Alexis looks so pretty in her dress...I remember seeing this very dress at Walmart and thinking it reminded me of one I had when I was a girl...if they had it my size I would have bought just get all the fun!
Happy Easter to you and yours!!

Lilli said...

Cutie in a sweet dress :)

PEA said...

Baby J makes the cutest little bunny I've ever seen:-) Look at all the candy...if I was there those Peeps would have been gone in a second! hehe Alexis looks beautiful in her Easter dress...I remember my mom always making me a new dress for Easter:-) The flowers your MIL received are just gorgeous!! xox

Zoey said...

Alexis sure does look pretty in her Easter dress. When I was a kid we always got a new Easter dress. It was always such fun.

I see you got a real basket full of goodies! I bet you had fun with your baby J., too. Kids make all the holidays so much more enjoyable!