Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Monday!

We had a second Easter this year. Since we all love ham dinner and Laurie's mom had to work on Easter Sunday, she decided to make ham dinner for us tonight.
Baby J. got all dressed up for dinner. We had to take a few pictures of her because she is not in a dress very often.

Here is the ham hot out of the oven.

All the food is ready to be eaten.

Did you save room for dessert? Homemade peanut butter pie.

Baby J. saved room! Tonight she had mashed potato's and gravy, green bean casserole, cool whip and pie. I think the pie and cool whip were her favorites.


PEA said...

Even though I'm still full from all the eating I did this past weekend, I would love a piece of that peanut butter pie! hehe That's something I've never had before! Love the pictures...Baby J sure does seem to be enjoying the pie!! xox

tina said...

I would also love some of that peanut butter pie! And that ham! Looks GREAT! I love that everyone at the table had milk...and the sweet little girls Easter dress~ beautiful!

Kerri said...

All the food looks delicious and Baby J is so sweet in her Easter dress. I adore the last picture of her eating. How sweet! :)
She sure had a nice dinner.
Glad you had such a love Easter with family.

Zoey said...

I must say that peanut butter pie looks so good! Is it the one made with cool whip?

I am hungry right now. I guess I have to go rummage through the nearly empty fridge to see what I can find.

I think you made me hungry with all those food pics!