Thursday, February 08, 2007

Two Done!

Here is the second snowman that I have finished. These are so fun to work on. I have made a few and sold them at craft shows and have put them in 8 x 10 frames that I have distressed. I have also given them to family members for gifts.

You can see the project I am working on Here.


Kentucky Gal said...

Wow...I'm work at Walmart and you're able to do this pretty hand work?? Again all I can say is Wow!!

Susie said...

I just love this particular type of embroidery. It looks so homey!
Do you just stich over a drawing that you've done?

PEA said...

Darn it, Bloglines never let me know when you had new posts up...good thing I decided to check up on you!! Oh, Laurie, that snowman embroidery is just gorgeous!! Love the idea of putting them in frames. Now I'll go and comment on the rest of your posts that I missed!!!

Lilli said...

How inspiring! It's so easy for me to talk myself out of doing any kind of hand stitching, prob bec I just haven't tried in a long time. But look how beautiful it can be!