Wednesday, February 07, 2007

OH MY!!!

Some of you may know and some of you may not, but I work for Wal*Mart. I work in the floral department. Our Super Center opened recently so this is my first Valentine's Day in the department.
To my surprise, when I went in to work on Monday I got my FIRST Valentine's Day shipment.

I got in 36 cases of flowers. That is over 400 bouquets!!! (I am the only person that works in the department) :)

Tuesday when I went into work I was a little nervous to open the cooler doors to see what my order looked like. Thank goodness I didn't get anything else in. My friend Rhonda and I set up a display for the flowers and her baked goods. (Rhonda works in the bakery.) She got in 3 pallets of Valentine's product! I will set up another display on Wednesday. They are each 16 feet long, so that helps with the flowers. The pictures of the roses are from These are the roses I carry. Aren't they beautiful?

I hope we both get a LOT of sales!!


Kentucky Gal said...

You probabaly will on Valentines day...all those guys waiting till the last minute...I want you to shame em' good too...hehe!!

Susie said...

OK, now I know where the Miss Flower came from. You must love creating beautiful arrangements..
My Mom used to love to do flower arranging. I think it's a very special gift!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

WoW! You must have had your hands full--but with such a beautiful product!!! I can almost smell those lovely roses!

Lilli said...

BEEootiful roses! Is it nice to work with flowers all day? Maybe when there aren't quite so many?

Gillian Hamilton said...

How wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty, My friend Pearl from singapore has something really cute in the floral department on her blog, which you might like to look at..
look at the post on 24th Jan..
Toooooo Cute!

PEA said...

Oh, what beautiufl roses...I can just imagine how busy it kept you setting all of them up! Wow! I'm sure they will all sell...especially at the last minute:-)