Monday, February 19, 2007

Presidents Day!

It may not be a major holiday for most people, but when we were growing up, we always looked forward to Presidents Day. Mom always had Mondays off, so we got to spend the day with her.
We always had a picnic. We packed hot dogs to cook on the fire, hot cocoa and chips and we went to camp. We had so much fun at camp. It didn't matter what the weather was like, we always had our picnic and went for walks in the woods.

This huge rock is back in the woods and "poppy" could never find it. He told us the rock wasn't there and that we were crazy. We took pictures to prove it was really there.

One year we even made snow people that reminded us of Poppy Bill and Aunt Irene. They went to Florida for the winter, so we sent them pictures. What a laugh they had. Well the camp has been sold since then, but if we could, we would all take the day off and go still. What a great time we had. It's amazing that some of our greatest memories didn't cost a thing.

Thanks Mom!!!


Susie said...

Fun memories!!
I'm sure your Mom will be glad to know how much this meant to you..

PEA said...

It's times like these you wish you could go back to those days and relive them all over again:-) Such wonderful memories of camp in the middle of winter...just love those snowmen! lol Hugs xox

Kentucky Gal said...

looks like "fun" times!!!

Lilli said...

It's like Oprah says, that we don't care about expensive vacations and possessions as much as precious time together :)