Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's Race Day!!

Today is the Superbowl of nascar. We are ready for the race to start!! It seems like we have been waiting forever for racing to start again.

We've got our special "Race Day Pants" on. The surround sound is on. (There have been some Sundays that we don't hear mom knock at our door because we are so engrossed in the race)


The chicken wing dip is ready and so are we!


Ann said...

Okay! Who is the 48 Fan? #48 all the way. Too bad he wrecked! But it was a good race! We were cheering for Mark Martin to win in the end since both our drivers were out! I cheer for #48! Hubby cheers for #8! Hope you had a great day!

Kentucky Gal said...

Jimmy Johnson is who my Hubby is for every time!!

Anonymous said...

GO 48 pants!!! Thats my bad he had a bad day...Better luck next race..the dip looks good..the recipe is calling you to post...:) Julie