Wednesday, February 21, 2007


A year ago today, I was in a car accident. It wasn't my fault. I was in a turning lane and a woman in a Cadillac hit me in the drivers side of my car.

I was very lucky. I really didn't get hurt. She hit the front fender and bounced off and hit the back door.

I believe that some one was watching over me. I could have really been hurt. The insurance company totaled my car.

We were going to buy a new car in the spring. We just had to get it early. I got to choose anything I wanted. We spent a lot of time test driving and I finally got what I wanted.

We bought a Red Kia Sportage.
Click HERE to see it and read about what happened.


PEA said...

Ouch alright! Two years ago I got my car's back end bashed in by a truck that backed into car was only 4 months old!! I love the red Kia Sportage you ended up frustrating though that someone would scratch the side with a key...grrrrr! Glad the paintjob finally looked good. All that counts, though, is that you weren't hurt in the accident!

Kentucky Gal said...

I'm glad you were not hurt!!
My son once had a Kia and never had one single problem with it...his Pontiac Sunfire is in the shop at least every other month for something...

Susie said...

Glad the damage was to the car and not you..
Hope you enjoy your new Kia..

Kali said...

Thankfully you were okay after such a frightening ordeal.

Your red KIA Sportage looks awesome.

Lilli said...

Accidents have a way of making you take stock, don't they.