Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Staff Infection"

Our cousin Geoff is a teacher at Randolph School. We knew he was really into music and played the guitar, but we recently found out that he is in a band.

"Staff Infection" is a 12 piece band composed entirely of teachers from rural Randolph NY. They perform at school assemblies and volunteer at local events to perform for charities.

This is a cover of "Proud Mary". Geoff is playing the tuba in this video.

This video is of the Tom Petty song "Last Dance". Geoff is singing lead vocals. They are trying to raise awareness and participation in the arts at the school. He also taught himself to play the harmonica for this song.

We think it is great that the teachers are getting this involved. Hopefully they can get more students and teachers involved in music and the arts.


Tammy said...

that Geoff is really something!!
Loved their band "title"!!