Monday, December 11, 2006

Our Tree!

This is what our tree looked like before we put any decorations on it. There are pine cones at the top of the tree.
We put solid mini white lights on our tree (no blinkers!!!). Actually Chris puts the lights on it while I unpack all the ornaments.

These are all of our ornaments. Most of them are homemade. We get an ornament in our stocking every year from each other. My mother gives us an ornament each. Chris's mom and dad give us an ornament most years and some family members make ornaments. Alexis gave us our first ornaments this year. She made them with her Nana.

Yes, all the ornaments fit. We do have a second tree that isn't up yet (and more ornaments!!!). We will post that soon. This is a picture without tinsel.

This is the finished tree. We love it!!

We use the same ornaments every year. We never change them. Each ornament on our tree has a memory that comes with it. That is why our tree means so much to us. Every family member is represented some where on our tree.


Jean said...

Your tree looks beautiful, as always. Glad you got it done today. Mom

PEA said...

Ooooh, how I love your tree, it's gorgeous!!! I love it that you still put icicles on your tree...I do too, to me a tree isn't finished until you put the icicles on it!! Beautiful!