Friday, December 08, 2006

Last Day!!

Today was the last day of shot gun season for the year in our area. Only one person in our family got a deer this year. You guessed it, it was Chris. He got a button buck on Saturday. Of course this was a day he went hunting by himself. He had to drag the deer by himself to get back to the truck. Kim showed up (after it was gutted of course) as Chris was coming back out of the woods. Because the deer wasn't very old the meat should be really good. We took it to a friend that has been a butcher for years. He owns "Deer Works". Chris is getting some steaks, chops, Italian sausage and ground. He should be set for the winter. I tried to take a picture so it wouldn't offend anyone that doesn't hunt, or have hunters in their lives.


PEA said...

It's great that Chris was able to get one! My youngest brother and his group got 3 this year so they were pretty happy. I'm always sad to see such a beautiful animal get killed but I know it serves as much needed food for the table. My dad was a moose hunter, I don't think he ever went for deer.