Friday, December 08, 2006

Lights of the Season!!

Tonight Chris and I decided to go around our area to look at Christmas lights.
Here are a couple of pictures that we took.

This is the first time this year we have gone out to look at lights. We still have to get together with the family for "light night".

This train has been up every year for as long as we can remember. It is cut out of wood and has moving lights. The wheels spin, and the smoke looks like it is blowing in the wind.


Tammy said...

Awesome...we just moved to a new neighborhood and they are all lit up...the best I could do was some candles in the windows...I'll hope to hit some after Christmas sales and really light 'er up next year!!

PEA said...

I love driving around just before Christmas and looking at all the houses that are lit up! Some have such wonderful displays!! I always get myself some hot chocolate...that goes with the "light" tour!! hehe