Thursday, December 07, 2006

I love Lucy!

These are pictures that Chris and I took in downtown Jamestown. Local artist Gary Peters painted them. For those of you that don't know, Lucy was born in our area. One of her family homes is in Celoron NY. We have a Lucy store and museum. You can shop at one of our local stores on line.
This one is painted on our main post office.

This one is painted on a parking garage.

This on was painted on a bakery. Sadly the bakery is no longer open. Chris and I got our wedding cake there. I didn't want to share these picture until I knew for sure that connie got her stocking from the stocking swap. I made her something I hoped would be very special with these pictures.
I'm glad you enjoyed your stocking Connie. I had so much fun looking for things for you.


PEA said...

I thought of Connie right away when I saw these paintings!! lol That is so wonderful and I never knew that Lucy was from there!! I remember watching her series, what a delight she was!!

Tammy said...

Me too Pea,,,I thought I've got to email Connie, she needs to know this gal...well I'm glad you know her!!