Saturday, July 10, 2010

Secret Garden Tour 2010!

As most of you know, Mom and I go to the Audubon Society Secret Garden Tour every year they have it. This year, Mom was in the tour, so we got to tour the gardens the day after the tour. We all met at this garden for drinks and snacks.

I really liked this mushroom in her garden. I'm not sure if it is a light or not. There are a few spread out in her garden.

I'm really not into fairies but I really liked this one.

This lily caught my eye. I love the soft pink color.

Her pond was small but it made a big statement as you came into her garden. This garden wasn't on Saturday's tour but it has been in the tour in years past.The funny thing is that the garden is right up the street from us and I had no idea she had so much land in the back of her house. I have 6 more gardens to show you so come back soon.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! I especially liked the pink lily. The small pond is attractive too. Looking forward to seeing the other gardens.