Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sad But Necessary!

The Maple Tree in our backyard has been diseased for quite a few years. It has been getting worse every year and has been growing fewer leaves each year. It had mold growing all over it and was starting to rot.

The spot where it was rotting was right in a "V" about 6 feet from the ground. The section of the tree that we were afraid to have break off was roughly 40 feet tall and would have landed on our neighbor's house and garage if it decided to go.


So we decided to have it taken down before anything happened to it.

The company that we had take it down did a great job.

One guy climbed the tree and made very short work of it.

It was interesting to watch the way he climbed around the tree so easily.


I am going to cut up the bigger logs to use for firewood on our next camping trip.

I will be taking the brush to the yard waste dump on Saturday.

Laurie and I started cutting up the brush last night.

The first of several loads to get rid of.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you had to cut down the maple tree. It looks nice without it, though. Several years ago we cut down two big pine trees in our back yard. They were the only trees that we had in our yard. We thought our yard would look so bare without those trees. Trees from our neighbors surround our yard. We don't even miss our trees.

Melissa said...

That is sad and it looks so bare where it was.