Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Still Remodeling!

This is what our lamps have looked like for 16 years. My Grandmother bought them for us as a wedding gift. We weren't sure if we wanted new lamps or if new shades would do. On Monday, we went to The Home Depot and Big Lots to look at new lamps. We didn't find any we liked.
Yesterday we decided to drive to Warren, PA and go to Lowe's to see what they had. We saw a couple of lamps we liked, but they were really close to the ones we already had. We really liked this lamp shade, so we decided to buy two and bring them home and see what they looked like on our lamps. We decided that we like them.

Now it is time to pick a paint color. We have picked up paint chips from Wal*Mart, Home Depot and Lowe's.
Who knew that there were SO many different colors of tan and brown. We thought we had it picked out, then we brought more home yesterday. We went through them again today and we think we have it picked out. Chris is probably sorry he brought me with him to Lowe's because now he has a bigger "honey I would like you to do list." =)


Anonymous said...

I love the lamp shade. It looks really nice on your lamp!

Cedar ... said...

LOVE the shades! And the color palette will be great. So peaceful. I'll be looking forward to seeing the end results!

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Oh my word, ISorry, but I am so glad you replaced the "grandma lamp shade" no disrespect!LOL
I LOVE all your color choices! Its hard isn't it?

And I love "life in a Northern Town"!!!!

Jean said...

The lamp shades do look great! Good choice! Mom