Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas Morning!

Uncle Chris hadn't even finished unloading the car and Payton was ready to open.

Mommy reading a personalized book from Grandma to Payton. We love the look on Payton's face.

Daddy reading Jerzie's personalized book to her.

Jerzie is pouring some tea for all of us.

Payton playing with Mommy.

Jerzie waiting to open her presents from Grandma and us.

Payton and her mountain of presents.

We all got spoiled at Grandma's house.

Come back tomorrow to see Christmas afternoon.


Cedar ... said...

Wow,... a "mountain of presents"... in our family we only do one or two with a $30 limit. That's amazing!

Colleen said...

Ah..that's what Christmas is about - little girls and lots of pretty packages! Looks like fun was had by all..Happy New Year to you & Chris :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures of your Christmas morning. The girls look happy.