Sunday, July 05, 2009

Our 4th Of July!

Can you guess what we did by looking at this picture?
Did I help Chris work on one of the cars?

Chris went and got mulch on Friday.
They had just dyed it.
I actually did have gloves on and still ended up like this.

We paid more for our mulch this time than we have ever paid. Chris had them fill his 8 foot bed up. It was piled up to the roof of the truck. When he went to pay they said it was $80.00.

We worked in the yard for 6 hours yesterday.

We haven't had this dark of mulch before, but we really like it.

The green really stands out now.

We love the way the dark mulch makes the plants pop.

We have a little left over so we are going to add more to the gardens today.

We have more yard work we want to get done today too.

Grandma always said you shouldn't trim your bushes until after the 4th, so we have those to do.

After Chris trims those I'm sure he will mow so we can get the little pieces of the bushes cleaned up.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sorry we haven't been by to visit much.

Summer sure is a busy time.


Jean said...

I like the dark mulch. It does make the plants stand out. Big job done! Mom

Teresa said...

Oh Laurie, I luurrrve that black mulch. Pitter patter. That is just gorgeous!

beckie said...

Chris and Laurie, WOW what a job to tackle, but your beds look so great with the dark mulch. Everything looks very neat and tidy and you can really see you lovely plants now.

Cedar ... said...

Yes, that dark color does make the light greens pop,... It took me a few pics to get used to it as I use the red cedar style, but I really think it does look better! Nice job.

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Wow, it looks great! I guess sometimes we have to sacrifice beautiful hands for a beautiful garden. Stop by my blog I gave you credit in my new post.