Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They Are Driving Us Crazy!!!!!

These little guys are cute to look at, but they can be a pain in the a$$.

We watched this little guy from our kitchen window. He is going after my new bird feeder that was supposed to be chipmunk proof.

Well it isn't!!

In one day the bird feeder was half empty. We hardly saw any birds at the feeder. By the looks of his cheeks he is storing up for winter.

This little guy just came out from our garage. Great! Where are they putting the seed?

Chris built this live trap for mom a few years ago, so he called her and asked if she was using it.

We have caught 3 chipmunks so far. We saw another one in the yard today. We let them free at a park close to our house.

Then we caught a bird. Yep a hungry bird. He was let free and is fine.

Monday morning the trap was empty but was moved across the lawn and the food was gone.

What the heck could that be??

When Chris got home from class Tuesday night he pulled in the drive way. The trap was across the lawn again and there was a raccoon in the yard. I guess we need a bigger trap.

Oh by the way we live in the city!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree that chipmunks are cute to look at, but they certainly are pests. It is surprising how they can climb a skinny pole and jump from it onto a bird feeder. That is how one chipmunk got to a bird feeder we had in the middle of our yard.

You should have your husband post instructions for making a live trap. What did he put inside the trap to lure the chipmunk (and raccoon)?

Laurie and Chris said...

PA Shutterbug~ Hubby will post directions when he makes the larger trap.
Believe it or not all we had in the trap was a piece of bread with peanutbutter on it.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Our chipmonks never climbed the feeder but we had a problem with squirrels. So we got a squirrel proof feeder from

It really worked. Then we had a racoon steal it and take it apart. We found all of the parts, put it back together and wired it to the post so the racoon couldn't take it. Then a BEAR came and tore down the post and broke the feeder and ate all of the food. So right now, our birds have to fend for themselves!

Cedar ... said...

I'll deal with the chippys, but those pesky red squirrels drive me "nuts" (pun intended) every winter. Also have raccoons here, I live out in a wooded area so I can't fight Mother Nature. Good Luck!