Saturday, June 06, 2009

Thank You!

I thought I would show you pictures of my birthday gifts today. Mom really surprised me again this year for my birthday. She got me this piece of art work from Baumcat. Mom had it professionally framed for me. When I opened it, I told mom that I thought I had left a comment on Baumcats blog about this piece. I went back to her blog and this is what I found.

Laurie and Chris said... I love this Quilted Nature Collage!! I really love dragonflies!

I was the first one to leave a comment on this piece.

I got these cute dolls !

In this box is a pretty shirt, a goofy charm for my charm necklace and a dragonfly for the garden.

I got a vanilla carmel candle, a Happy Birthday coffee cup and a very special tea cup passed down to me.

I got this really neat bird feeder too. I can't wait to put it out and see what kind of birds come to it.

I also got a cover for my Kitchen Aid that I have been wanting. As you can see, I was spoiled as usual. Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes.


Teresa said...

Happy Birthday! You did get spoiled. I love the artwork.

Anonymous said...

What nice birthday presents you received! I recently bought a dragonfly for my yard. The dragonfly is solar powered; it changes color throughout the night.

Cat said...


All your presents are terrific! I see another dragonfly on your bird feeder! I'm glad you had a special day, it looks like you have many people that love you!

Smiles, Cat