Thursday, April 30, 2009

We've Been Fishing!

The past two weekends we have been going fishing. It is so relaxing to us, and we really enjoy it.

We have caught a lot of these perch.

Here is my brother Kim. He is teaching Jerzie how to fish. She does a real good job reeling the fish in. She caught her first fish with daddy on April 20th. She was very excited about it. Her mommy video taped her.

This a picture of Chris. We fished for 6 hours straight this night. Every time one of us threw our line in the water, the other would be reeling a fish in. We caught so many fish that night. (50-60)

Jerzie went home, but Daddy was still using her fishing pole. Don't you just love the grin on Kim's face. Click HERE to see the huge fish he really did catch on opening day of trout season.

Chris caught this Silver Bass. We caught a couple more that evening but they seem to have a disease.

We released all of the fish we caught. Do any of you fish?


Me said...

I find people who fish - interesting. We don't. :)

Cedar ... said...

have fished all my life, but not much in recent years. all my fish go in the frying pan, ..eventually! If too many for first meal some of them go to the freezer. Fish and hunt to put food on the table.

Renee said...

I have fished my whole life. My dad has a cabin on a lake and we fish there or on his boat.

You all look like you had a great day!!


PEA said...

I used to love going fishing with my dad when I was younger and when we had our camp, I would fish off the end of the dock. Catching sunfish was so thrilling for me! lol I haven't fished in years and years, though. Loved seeing all the pictures, you guys sure did have a fun time:-) xoxo

Cat said...

My husband loves to fish...
as does the rest of the family, except me. But I love to go - I like to camp and cook and eat fish.

Looks like a good day.

Utah Grammie said...

Mr. B fishes and I read - I'm afraid I might catch something - so I let him play - he does the "catch & release" as well. Hey Chris, you're looking really good with that little bitty fishy :-)

Looks like you had some great fishing weather!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Life has been too hectic the last while to take time to go fishing.
We love to fish though.