Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Crafting!

We decided to make Easter candy this year for our our nieces. We had all of the molds just sitting in the basement and decided we might just as well get some use out of them. Some of the molds were Chris's moms and some were Laurie's grandmas.

We made these little Easter baskets for the girls out of card stock, a couple brads and some ribbon.

We needed something to put the homemade chocolate in.

Jerzie gave us an Easter basket on Sunday. She was so proud of herself. She colored the eggs with Mommy and Daddy. Click HERE to see her coloring her eggs.

She picked out the eggs she wanted Chris and I to have. Aren't they cute? We got some really cute picture of Jerzie and Payton together. We will post them later this week. We didn't get to spend time with Steph or Alexis this year for Easter. Steph had to work and had dinner with Nate's family, and poor Alexis was sick all day. She didn't even want to look for her Easter basket.


Cedar ... said...

Looks yummy, can make candy for me anyday!

Utah Grammie said...

Oh the candy is really cute! Love it - and the eggs? Well, they look just like you two! Perfect - what a great Easter you had - saw the photos of Jerzie -so great !

PEA said...

Can you guys adopt me in your family???? You always do the most delightful things for them:-) The chocolate bunnies are so darling and look at those sweet baskets you made!! Love the Easter eggs Jerzie made for you two, she's such a doll!! xoxo

Lilli said...

I've always wanted to try making candy. You've done an amazing job! Just Perfect :)