Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday!

Mom bought us these two African Violets a few weeks ago, so we thought we would show you all of the blooms they have.

The colors are so bright.

They really make you wish spring would hurry up and get here!

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Suzanne said...

I love the bright colors of African Violets. These are particularly pretty. Love those green, shiny leaves too!

Darla said...

Very pretty indeed. I have three plants and Not one bloom right now!!

Cedar ... said...

My mother had several african violets... always a beautiful addition to her kitchen windows. Yours are especially cheery!

Carla said...

I just HAD to listen to the whole 'here comes the sun' song-twice:)

Your African Violets are so pretty!!

Jean said...

Beautiful photos of your violets! Glad they brightened your day! Mom

Aiyana said...

African Violets are one plant I've never ever tried. I like the bright pink of the middle photo the best.